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  Alternate Shipping Address
Shipping to an Alternate Address
For all orders shipping to an address that is not the credit card's billing address we require the card holder to fill out an Alternate Shipping Address form and either email or fax it to us. This form may be downloaded by clicking one of the links below. The Fax/Email must be completely legible and must include a copy of your driver's license and credit card. This extra step is required to prevent fraud. We understand that you may buy other products on the web and have them shipped to a different address without having to complete this extra step, but this process is extremely common with automotive performance parts. Their cost and ease of resale makes them targets for fraud. Some automotive performance vendors won't ship to an address different from the billing address period. Believe us, if this step wasn't absolutely necessary to combat fraud we would rather skip it too!

For an additional discount and also to avoid any extra steps involved in shipping to an alternate address we are able to accept payment via Chase QuickPay, direct cash deposit or wire transfer. If you would like more information on paying via one of these methods please email us at support@cygnusperformance.com or call 321-600-0889. If you pay via one of these methods, no form is required.

Please complete the form and fax or email it to us BEFORE you place your order. Once the form has been submitted you may place your order using the address you would like the order to SHIP to.

Email: Support@CygnusPerformance.com Please note that if you email the form you can cover up/skip the last 8 digits of the credit card number for security reasons.
Fax: (321) 600-9415

Click Here to Download the Alternate Shipping Address Form in Microsoft Word (.doc) Format

Click Here to Download the Alternate Shipping Address Form in Adobe PDF Format

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