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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of a name is Cygnus Performance anyway?

A: Cygnus Performance gets its name from the constellation Cygnus. The star in the "Cygnus Performance Star Logo" represents the black hole portion of the binary star Cygnus X-1. This is one of Cygnus Performance's earlier logos. The black hole portion of Cygnus X-1 is about 8 times the mass of the sun, but only about 30 miles in diameter. In the images below you can see the resemblance:

Q: I want a part made by one of the manufacturers I see in your "Shop by Brands" section, but your website doesn't list it. Can you guys get parts that aren't listed in your online catalog?

A: Yes we can! Not all of the parts we carry are listed on our website. Even if we don't have a product in stock we can very likely have it dropshipped to you from the manufacturer. This can usually be done with out any delay at all. The part will go out the same or next business day unless it is a "special order item" which may take longer. We can also get parts made by the manufacturers we carry even if they are not for the cars listed on our website. Just contact us for pricing and availability of items not listed on our website.

Please also feel free to contact us if you'd like parts made by a manufacturer we don't list. We may be able to get these parts as well, and even if we can't we like to know what our customers want. It helps us decide what to carry in the future. We strive to offer one of the most comprehensive arrays of performance brands for late model imports on the net.

Q: I found a cheaper price from another vendor! You guys claim to have the best prices. Will you match this vendor's price?

A: If we are able to, we won't just match their price(s), we will beat them! At Cygnus Performance LLC we are not hourly employees who don't care if we lose a sale over price. Your business is our livelihood. We care about your business, and we will do what we can to earn and keep your business. We will save you money on the products you want to buy when you want to buy them. If you find a better price please contact us and we will do our best to match or beat it. We can not guarantee to match every price every time, but about 95% of the time we can. Sometimes other vendors are clearing things out for less than their cost or the manufacturer is undercutting everyone which makes it virtually impossible for us to match their price, but unless this is the case we are usually able to give you the best price on the net. We try to offer the best prices as a whole, but in such a competitive business it is very difficult to keep all of the prices in the right place at all times.

Please also remember that a lot of manufacturers have MAP prices. This stands for Minimum Advertised Price. When a manufacturer specifies a MAP price we can not post a lower price for the product on our website. We can however in many cases offer things like free shipping and combo discounts on these brands.

Q: Why should I register with Cygnus Performance?

A: Unlike some websites we do not require you to register. We do encourage you to register though. It only takes a minute, and registered customers will enjoy a few distinct benefits from non-registered users including:
  • Instantly seeing your shipping charges when you view your cart. These charges are calculated automatically by our website using the order's total shipping weight (or dimensional weight) and your location. If you are not registered the website has no way of knowing where you are going to have your order shipped to therefore it can not calculate shipping until you get through the first step of the checkout process.

  • View order history. You can view all of your current and past orders with us.

  • Check order status through our website. We will email you your order status, but if you are registered you will also be able to check the status of your order through our website.

  • Quicker checkouts on future orders. Once you login you will be able to place orders without providing information such as your telephone number, address and name. This information is automatically stored in our database when you register. THIS INFORMATION WILL REMAIN PRIVATE AND WILL NEVER BE SHARED WITH ANY THIRD PARTIES.

Q: I want to place an order with a credit card and have it shipped to an address that is not the credit card's billing address. Can you do this?

A: We can do it, but we require you to fill out a form and fax or email it back to us. This form may be downloaded by Clicking Here. The Fax/Email must be completely legible and must include a copy of your driver's license and credit card. This extra step is required to prevent fraud. We understand that you may buy other products on the web and have them shipped to a different address without having to complete this extra step, but this process is extremely common with automotive performance parts. Their cost and ease of resale makes them targets for fraud. Some automotive performance vendors won't ship to an address different from the billing address period. Believe us, if this step wasn't absolutely necessary to combat fraud we would rather skip it too!

For an additional discount and also to avoid any extra steps involved in shipping to an alternate address we are able to accept payment via Chase QuickPay, direct cash deposit or wire transfer. If you would like more information on paying via one of these methods please email us at support@cygnusperformance.com or call 321-600-0889

Q: Does Cygnus Performance share any of the information I submit when I place an order?

A: Some companies sell your information to telemarketers and spammers. Cygnus Performance will NEVER share any of your information with any third party. We do not use any of your contact information for any purpose other than filling your order. Security is a huge priority for us. When you place an order with us the transaction is processed on a secure SSL certified server which keeps your information safe from hackers. If you don't feel comfortable transmitting your information over the net we are happy to take your order over the phone. We appreciate our customers, and we will take every step necessary to ensure all of your information remains safe and private.

Q: Does Cygnus Performance charge sales tax?

A: We only charge sales tax for orders that are shipping within the state of Florida. All other orders are not subject to any US sales tax. On some products such as Fortune Auto coilovers we pay the sales tax for Florida residents as a promotional discount.

As a US based company We do not charge any of the duties involved with international shipments. These fees are solely determined by customs and something that we have no control over.

Q: Does Cygnus Performance offer a sponsorship program for race/show cars?

A: We are always happy to beat prices and get customers the best deal on the net on most products. Unfortunately we have seen very little value in sponsoring show/race cars due to the tiny margins we must work with in this business, so at this time we do not offer that kind of sponsorship. If a shop does offer to give you "sponsorship" discounts feel free to ask us if we can beat these prices. It's amazing how often a customer thinks they are "sponsored" only to find out that we would have gladly sold them the products for less.

We do sometimes offer heavily discounted rates on parts when a customer agrees to write a thorough review on a major automotive forum. This kind of thing actually helps us promote specific products and inform thousands of potential customers about them. If you are interested in a review discount please contact us.

Have a question that was not covered here? Click Here to contact us

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