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With a total of 33 color combinations Cygnus Performance, LLC can build a set of Fortune Auto coilovers to match almost any car! This is our exclusive option which is not available anywhere else. If you are a dealer we are happy to wholesale these to you if you contact us. Of course color should not be your primary concern when choosing coilovers, but when you can get the absolute best quality budget coilover on the market in a color that matches your car you might as well :)

This is a no-cost option. We have most applications physically in stock which means we can get you the fastest lead time in the world as well as all of the custom options offered with regular Fortune Auto coilovers. Aside from the custom colors there are no differences between these and regular Fortune Auto coilovers. They are still made in the same place by the same people, and they still have the same great support and warranty.

Cygnus Performance has been selling Fortune Auto since the very beginning. We were one of their original dealers, and now we are their Master Distributor. If you have any questions about spring rates, options or anything else we will be glad to help. If you purchase your coilovers through us we will be here after the sale for a lifetime of included industry-leading tech support to make sure that all of your questions are answered and you are happy with your coilovers. We have been setting up custom coilovers on a daily basis since 2006, so if you have questions regarding tuning rebound, preload, ride height, alignment or anything else we are here to help. You don't have to compromise on price to get the best service, widest selection of options and colors and quickest lead time because we are also happy to match or beat any price on this brand!

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