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Super Pro - Bushings Kits, Swaybars and Endlinks that are actually made in Australia! Don't be fooled by the cheaply made competition, if you want quality you want Super Pro.

We are very proud to be the main supplier of Super Pro suspension parts for Subarus in North America. The quality of the brand absolutely blows everything else we've ever used away. These parts are night and day higher quality and better designed than any other bushings or sways on the market. We often tell people that anyone can take a good picture of a part, but if you saw the quality of Super Pro parts up close and compared them to the other options available they would sell themselves. We have been doing our best to get the word out about this brand for years and now it's on hundreds of STis, WRXs and BRZs with 100% happy customers. We haven't had one warranty claim despite this stuff having the best warranty in the business. All urethane is warrantied for life with an unconditional free replacement program. Drive 200,000 miles, turn your STi or WRX into a full blown rally car, do whatever you like to these parts. If there is ever a problem even if it's 12 years down the road we will replace it for free!

All Super Pro bushings are all actually made in Australia. They are all made in the same place by the same people who actually designed them! This may seem like a minor point, but very few brands can say this anymore. When you have bushings made in 5 different countries that are all 5,000 miles away from the people who designed them quality can suffer. You may not have the same stiffness since different formulas and compounds of urethane are used. Making absolutely sure that everything is being built in the way it was intended to be built is also a lot more difficult when the people who designed the parts don't directly oversee manufacturing. Super Pro bushings are all made in the same place with the same urethane, so every bushing on your car will be uniform and give you the results you are looking for the first time.

With Super Pro you also get high quality clear Silicone based grease. This stuff will work better and last years longer than the cheaply made moly based greases that other manufacturers provide. This is absolutely critical to bushing longevity and noise free operation. Super Pro makes sure every detail is right. This brand is about making the best product, and about having quality dealers who can properly support the product and help customers. Super Pro may not be the biggest company or have any gimmicky advertising, but if you want quality and you want the best you want Super Pro. Cygnus Performance is the premiere Super Pro dealer in the country. We can give you the best prices on their entire line of parts and we will be here to support the product for many years to come.

We will beat ANY Price on anything Super Pro!

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FREE SHIPPING SuperPro Subframe Bushing Kit 02-07 WRX / 04-07 STi Part# SPF4350K

Click on part for detailed image and description

Price: $ 107.02

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FREE SHIPPING SuperPro Trailing Arm Lower-Front Duroball Bushing Kit Evo X Part# DURO3725K

Click on part for detailed image and description

Price: $ 195.99

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