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  Catalog > 2015+ STi > Brakes > Brake Packages > FREE SHIPPING Customizable Rotors & Pads 04-2015+ STi Package
FREE fully insured UPS shipping in the continental US (lower 48 states)
Cygnus Performance customizable brake packages allow you to get a great combo deal on everything you need to make your STi stop on a dime under the most demanding conditions. Remember, if you find a lower price just let us know. We won't be undersold.
This package includes a set of rotors and pads for both the front and rear

StopTech Performance: These are excellent street pads. They are a cost effective high performance pad. We do not recommend these for track use.

Hawk HPS: These are a nice step up from the StopTechs. They will stop a little better and stand up to more heat. It's a pad suitable for spirited driving and autocross, but we don't recommend heavy track use with this pad.

Hawk Ceramic: These are a street only pad that is a great choice if you hate dust and noise. The ceramic compound works well on the street and is extremely quiet and practically dust free.

Hawk HP+: this is the most aggressive compound we'd recommend for the street. It works well at room temp, but it also will stand up to the heat of the track and autox. This is the pad that has been used to win many national autocross championships. This pad will make noise and dust.

Project Mu Type NS: These are Project Mu's entry level pad. They are a great all around street pad providing good stopping power and wear characteristics. For autox or the track we'd recommend something a little more aggressive though.

Project Mu B Force: These are probably the best compromise between dust/noise and stopping power on the street. They make far less noise and dust than pads like the HP+, but still stop noticeably better than stock pads do. It's a rare combination of traits, the only real downside is they cost a little more than some options.

Project Mu HC Plus: These are a very similar pad to Hawk HP+. Excellent stopping power and they deal with heat very well for a streetable pad. They are basically everything the HP+ pads are, but a little more stopping power a little more heat resistance and a good deal more cost. A great choice for someone who wants the ultimate streetable stopping power and doesn't mind some noise and dust.

Project Mu Club Racer: These are a track only pad. The provide long wear and great stopping power for track days. If you have the time to swap pads for track days this is an excellent option to consider. Cygnus Performance also carries other Project Mu race compound pads. For more information please contact us.

Hawk All Other Compounds: The other compounds we offer are full race compounds which should not be used on the street. Most of them will make a ton of noise, will wear rotors quickly and will not work properly at room temperature. If you need help choosing a track pad please contact us.

Pagid & Ferodo. We offer these brands and they are available with combo deals. These deals need to be made by contacting us though since they are not currently in our customizable packages online.

DBA T2 Street Slotted: These rotors feature DBA's patented kangaroo paw design which aids in cooling and reduces rotor warp. They are slotted which helps improve stopping power and keep pads clean.

DBA Street Series X Gold Drilled & Slotted: These are exactly the same as Street Series Slotted rotors, but they are drilled and feature slightly different slotting. Drilling is a cosmetic feature which we do not recommend for the track.

DBA T3 4000 Series Slotted: The 4000 series adds Thermal Stability Profiling for improved heat handling and Thermo-Graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring. They also feature more aggressive T3 slotting.

DBA 4000 XS Series Drilled & Slotted: These are exactly the same as 4000 Series Slotted rotors, but they are drilled and feature a slightly different slot pattern. Drilling is a cosmetic feature which we do not recommend for the track.

DBA 5000 Series: These are DBA's top of the line 2 piece rotor. They are only available for the front and will be paired with DBA's 4k series rear rotors when selected in this package. The 2 piece design greatly aids in cooling and reduces weight. The aluminum hats keep a significant amount of heat from making it to the hub. Highly recommended for track applications. They also work great for the street and look amazing.

If you have any questions at all about parts we are standing by ready to help! At Cygnus Performance we have first hand experience with virtually every brake part in these combos both on the street and on the track. If you want to make sure what you're buying is going to provide the results you expect feel free to send us and email or give us a call anytime.
Price:$ 488.95
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