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  Catalog > Shop by Brand > AVO > FREE SHIPPING Cygnus Performance Understeer Eliminator Combo 2015+ STi & WRX
Free Shipping in the lower 48 States!

Cygnus Performance will beat ANY price on SuperPro!
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This is our top selling suspension combo! If you own a 2015+ STi or WRX this should be the first mod you do. These cars come from the factory with a very large front swaybar and a mis-matched smaller rear bar. This results in a lot of understeer at the limit. This kit is a high quality, quick and easy fix to this problem. It will completely transform the handling characteristics of your car. You will go from plowing forward at the limit to having a car that is neutral. You will also be able to tune understeer/oversteer to your liking.
  • Why upgrade your rear swaybar to a SuperPro swaybar? SuperPro manufacturers the highest quality, best supported swaybars on the market for Subarus. They are made 100% in house in Australia with the people who designed them overseeing production. They feature a 3 step coating process making them one of the only swaybar brands that will not rust. Every bar is checked on a jig at the factory to ensure perfect fitment. They include anti-walk collars that are fixed to the bar without welding for a perfectly smooth surface. They include Australian made lifetime warranty D bushings with high quality silicone based grease. This means no noise and a lifetime of worry free perfect function.

  • Why upgrade rear endlinks? The rear endlinks on a 2015+ WRX/STi have quite a bit of flex in them. They were only designed to cope with the stress of the OEM bar. When you run the stock endlinks with an aftermarket bar they flex and do not allow the bar to do its job as effectively or quickly. You will get much better results by upgrading rear endlinks.

  • Why add a rear brace kit? When you have a stiff rear swaybar, stiff urethane D bushings and stiff endlinks it puts an enormous amount of stress on the rear swaybar mount points. An extensive amount of testing has proved that there is a significant amount of flex in these mounting points. The SuperPro rear brace kit almost completely eliminates this. Just as with endlinks when you remove unwanted movement and play the swaybar can do its job more consistently and quicker.

  • Why upgrade front D bushings? The OEM bar on a 2015+ WRX/STi is 24mm which is very stiff. The OEM bushings are soft rubber. When you upgrade the rear bar you end up with stiff urethane D bushings that allow very little unwanted play. When the front D bushings are not upgraded as well the front swaybar doesn't do its job as well or as quickly as the rear swaybar. This actually makes the front to rear bias change throughout a corner.

  • Why upgrade front endlinks? You upgrade front endlinks for essentially the same reason you upgrade front D bushings. You want the front and the rear to match and to respond at an equal speed so that handling is composed and consistent. Our combo allows you to choose which parts you want to upgrade. You can certainly do this piece by piece, but you will get much better results by upgrading all of the parts at some point, and upgrading them together will save you time and money.

We have added AVO and Kartboy as a rear endlink options in this combo. Our number one recommendation for rear endlinks when it comes to quality and fitment is SuperPro, but we will give you the best deal on any swaybar/endlinks combo you like.

Have questions? Cygnus Performance is here to help! Give us a call at 321-600-0889 or use the contact form above to send us a message. We have well over a decade of Subaru modding experience. We will be glad to help!
Price:$ 259.00
Swaybar and Brace Kit Color: 
Add Super Pro Front Endlinks: 
Add Super Pro D Bushings For OEM Front Bar: 
Add Super Pro TRC1005 Rear Mount Brace Kit: 
Rear Endlinks: 
Rear Bar Size: 
Add Front Super Pro 26mm Swaybar: 
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  Detailed Images
SuperPro Swaybar Endlink Combo 2015 STi and WRX with front bar
SuperPro Swaybar Endlink Combo 2015 STi and WRX
SuperPro Swaybar Endlink Packaging Made in Australia

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