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  Catalog > Shop by Brand > ACT > FREE SHIPPING ACT Xtreme Full Face Clutch Kit 2006-2018+ WRX Part # SB11-XTSS
FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states! Guaranteed lowest prices on ACT. We will beat any price!

All 2008+ WRX ACT clutches require the use of an ACT flywheel. This clutch will NOT work with the factory flywheel

ACT makes a wide variety of quality clutches for the WRX. All of the kits we carry include the disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and alignment tool. If you need the components separately please contact us for pricing and availability.

**We highly recommend that you go with the least aggressive for your particular application.** Although a more aggressive clutch will be able to hold more power without slipping, it will be significantly less drivable.

Full Face Street Clutch
For most applications a full face street disk will work best. A full face disk will have the smoothest engagement, least amount of noise and least amount of chatter.

Puck Style Clutches
For heavily modified WRXs a puck style clutch may be needed. Puck style disks are able to hold more power without slipping and engage more quickly at the expense of more noise and harsher engagement.

Sprung vs Solid Hub
For RACE ONLY applications where all out performance and the quickest possible engagement is required a solid hub style disk may be your best choice. A solid hub will give you the quickest possible engagement, but you will experience harsh engagement and clutch chatter. We have not given the solid hub kits higher stage ratings because a solid hub has no effect on total holding power (ie a sprung 4 puck will hold the exact same amount of torque as a solid 4 puck).

6 Puck vs 4 Puck
A 6 puck disk is less aggressive than a 4 puck and will engage less harshly without sacrificing any holding power. Since it has more surface area than a 4 puck it will do a better job of absorbing and dissipating heat. A 4 puck will engage faster than a 6 puck. It is also lighter than a 6 puck. Cygnus Performance recommends going with a 6 puck (if a street disk isn't strong enough) unless it is for a racing application where a 4 puck is suitable.

As you can see we carry a clutch for every possible scenario. As we said earlier, try to choose the least aggressive clutch for your application. If you need assistance choosing the best clutch kit for your application please contact us.

Part # SB5-HDMM 429 ft. lb.


If you find a better price contact us, and we will do our best to beat it.
Price:$ 868.00
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