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  Catalog > 2002-2007 WRX > Suspension > Coilovers > FREE SHIPPING Cygnus Performance Gen 2 X-1 Coilovers 02-2017+ WRX & STi / 13+ BRZ & FR-S / Evo 8,9,10
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Cygnus Performance X-1 Digressive Monotube Coilovers
Quality results for less.

Generation 2 Update New for 2017! Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilovers are now in their fifth year of production. We have hundreds of sets on the road, and for 2017 we are giving X-1 Coilovers their first major update. We have replaced the traditional digressive drilled piston with a higher-quality CNC'd piston. This new piston allows for both more digression and more adjustment range. It also allows us to provide more precise results since every piston is manufactured in exactly the same way with exactly the same tolerances. CNC’d pistons are not something typically available in this price range. Most of the CNC’d piston coilovers we sell are double or triple their price. This is just another reason why Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilovers give you more for your money than any other option in their price range.

For years Cygnus Performance has been a leader in Subaru suspension parts. We have been a dealer of almost every major coilover brand for a long time, and we have sold thousands of sets of coilovers and replacement shocks. We have also tested and run numerous coilover setups on our own shop cars. This along with feedback from customers over the years has given us an understanding of what works and what people want when it comes to coilovers.

Until now there have really been two main options if you wanted to upgrade to coilovers. You could buy a lower priced set up ($950-$1500) which would get the job done when it came to tightening up handling and giving you proper ride height adjustability, but it would generally offer very little in the way of valving refinement or ride quality. Another downside to most of the coilover sets in this price range is they come with pillowball top mounts which tend to make some noise. So bascially you could get the job done for this kind of money, but the results would be less than ideal for people who wanted a somewhat quiet, comfortable daily driver. Another thing that is important to note is that very few of these coilover options can be rebuilt or revalved in the USA which means either replacing them or sending them overseas if you have a problem with them.

The second option is buying a more expensive set of European designed coilovers which typically start at $2100 and can cost over $10,000 if you get something very high-end. These are a great option if money is no object. They are something we regularly sell and recommend, but they aren't for everybody. The obvious drawback is cost. With topmounts you really can't find anything for less than $2600 in this category that is worth buying. This is a lot of money to spend on a single mod for most people. Performance wise you might be better using a portion of this money for bushings, bracing, swaybars, stage 2 etc. The other potential downsides are lead time and lack of US based support. Many of these options are rarely readily available and may not be rebuildable or revalvable in the USA.

Knowing all of this we saw a gap in the market and decided to develop our Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilovers. We partnered with Fortune Auto to develop these coilovers. We chose to work with them because they are really the only coilover manufacturer with proper support in the USA who could also produce a set of shocks at the price point we wanted. They also had a lot of experience working with monotube digressive shocks which is the technology we wanted our coilovers to use. Our basic goal here was to offer coilovers that used the latest and greatest technology, had a valving profile similar to the highend European models we sell for thousands more and also to allow customers to use hardened rubber upper mounts to make our coilovers a good fit for daily driven Subarus. The result is a $1350 coilover set that gives you very similar results to coilovers twice their price.

Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilovers Feature:
  • Monotube construction for superior performance, durability and a wider range of damping adjustment
  • Digressive valving which allows the shock to both ride and perform better than traditional linear valving
  • Independent ride height control which does not affect pre-load or travel
  • 2 different top hat options unique to these coilovers, both of which offer increased negative camber and Koyo Japan radial bearings
  • 100% rebuildable and revalvable in the USA quickly and for a reasonable cost
  • Valving that has been specifically developed for these applications and the spring rates we offer. This is critical for both performance and ride quality.
  • Hand built in the USA from Taiwanese and Japanese components
  • All shocks are individually dynoed to ensure consistency and performance
  • 100% synthetic oil used in all shocks for durability and longevity
  • An unrivaled 5 year warranty (1 year on pistons)
  • Black bodies and top hats for an understated look. Can be ordered without decals if you want a stealthy look.
  • Industry leading tech support both before and after the sale.

No other coilover set will bring together this list of features at this price point. We firmly believe these are the best value on the market when it comes to coilovers and by far the best option in their price range.

Top Mounts
For street driven cars we highly recommend the optional Whiteline Com-C offset hardened rubber top mounts. These will last for many years without making noise or causing issues. They are a fixed mount, but they offer increased negative camber which can be fine-tuned using the OEM eccentric bolts. By default we offer these coilovers with Fortune Auto camber plates. With this option we include a set of Koyo Japan radial bearings which reduce spring bind and noise. These are a great option for people who want less strut movement and more camber adjustability. It is important to understand that these camber plates are a motorsports part and like all pillowball top mounts, they have the potential to make some noise. This is why we developed the unique option of using the Whiteline Com-Cs for street driven cars.

Spring Rates
We have carefully selected spring rates that will work with your particular chassis to provide excellent handling at auto-x and the track while maintaining good ride quality on the street. The default rates are 8k front 8k rear for 08-17+ Imprezas, 7k front 6k rear for 02-07 Imprezas and 8k front 9k rear for the BRZ/FR-S. If you would like different rates for your specific needs (stiffer for more track use, softer for more comfort, a different split for auto-x rotation etc) our valving offers a wide enough range of adjustment to accommodate most people's needs. If you have questions about springs rates please feel free to ask us. We are able to provide the custom rates of your choice for no additional charge as long as they will work with our valving.

Roll Center Adjustment Kit
If you plan on dropping your car an inch or more we highly recommend adding the optional Super Pro Roll Center Adjustment Kit.

Have Questions?
If you have questions about these coilovers we are here to help. Please email, IM or call us anytime.
Price:$ 1,395.00
Front Top Mounts: 
Spring Brand: 
Add Rear Extenders: 
Add Front and Rear Locking Perches: 
Add Remote Damper Controller: 
Add Super Pro Roll Center Kit: 
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  Detailed Images
Cygnus Perfomance X-1 Coilover Installed
Cygnus Perfomance X-1 Camber Plate Installed

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