Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

You can shop with confidence at! We have one of the strongest reputations of any vendor in the Subaru world. Since 2006 we have served the community with customer service and support being top priorities. We are here to help both before and after the sale. See what some of our customer have to say about us by reading the reviews below. You can also read countless other reviews by Googling our name. You won’t find anything negative about us either. We will do our very best to ensure that all future reviews are positive. If you would like us to add your review of Cygnus Performance to this section please email us at Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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"I just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipping and processing of my whiteline endlinks. You guys are very knowledgeable and helped me get my car back on the road with time to spare for next track event! Thanks again and I hope to do more business with you in the future!"
Ridgewood, NJ
"Please thank Geoff for his valuable time in helping me select the right parts to achieve my goals (and budget). Given today's business practices, Cygnus Performance is a gem in the rough - rock bottom prices, free shipping on many items, and great customer service. There's no reason to shop anywhere else."
Scottsville, NY
"Great service and quick to reply to emails. Definetly use them in the future."
West Haven, UT
Geoff gets an A+ review from me as well. Communication is top notch, and he gave me a hell of a deal on the parts I ordered.
North Denver, CO
"Cygnus has been an amazing vendor.I have been talking to Geoff online for weeks now and he has put up with my constantly changing lists of parts for way to long . But in all honestly Cygnus is the best company I have dealt with for parts. Geoff will do his best to make sure you get a deal that is better than anyone else out there (even if they are having crazy sales, because Cygnus's prices are so low that they are already at that level! ). They also love working with you to figure out what parts would be good for you, and in general they just love the whole Subie scene. I don't even need to mention shipping its so fast. I get my order usually within 2 days! So when it comes down to it, its an easy choice: Cygnus Performance A+
Alpine, NJ
"I want to pass along a huge thanks to Geoff at Cygnus Performance. I've been doing a lot of research on modifications I would like to do with my 2006 STi. After speaking with several vendors, I came across Geoff. This guy is top notch among those out there. He really has a passion for what he does and conducts business in a way that is second to none. We spoke all through the upgrade scenario's and possible applications from street, autoX, track days, and rally. I ordered a Cobb AP from him and received the tracking number quickly via email. I got the AP a day earlier than I was supposed to with free shipping. One of the good guys out there that really works great with his customers and cares about his business. Geoff will meet or beat just about any price out there. Give this guy a shot and you will be very happy!"
Aurora, CO
"I am very happy with my purchase from Cygnus Performance. Being able to speak to a rep who had first hand experience with the parts I ordered was extremely helpful. I'm used to dealing with shops who just want to sell as many parts as possible, but these guys seem genuinely interested in what they are selling. My parts also came FAST. 2 days after I placed my order! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention I got the lowest price I could find anywhere from them too! Highly recommended!"
Cleveland, OH
"Just ordered some endlinks for my sways from Geoff at Cyngus. Need them for this weekend, and Geoff went out of his way to chat to me for nearly half an hour this morning (!!!!!) and got my endlinks out via FedEx in a matter of hours. Very polite, very courteous, very well-written e-mails (gotta love that) and I'll have my endlinks before the weekend. Awesome stuff. I'll be back. Thanks, Geoff!"
Seattle, WA
"It was very refreshing to deal with a place that actually knows what they are selling! I was very surprised and impressed to finally find the whole package. Low prices, knowledgeable employees and fast shipping. Best vendor I've ever dealt with PERIOD."
Boise, ID
"I did thorough research on product quality, feedback, and price before I made my purchase. Geoff at CygnusPerformance is the ONLY guy who would take time to explain (in details) what I'm getting and what he would suggest based on his SCCA experience. RECOMMENDED."
Upland, CA
"I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help you guys gave me! My swaybars were shipped and I was emailed a tracking number the same day I ordered. After I recieved the bars I had a question about the adjustment of the rear bar for an autocross I was doing. Geoff not only patiently took the time to answer all of my questions in detail, he also spent a good amount of time answering my questions about tires and tire pressure, and Cygnus Performance doesn't even sell tires! This is an excellent vendor with unbelievably good customer service. I will definitely be using Cygnus Performance for ALL future parts purchases!"
Anaheim, CA
"This an outstanding place to buy parts from. I placed my order at noon and on the very same day I got a hand written email which included a link to my tracking, the date my parts would be delivered and a detailed PDF invoice. I have to say after dealing with some of the other shops that sell these parts I am very impressed. The correct parts arrived on time and neatly packaged. They even promptly answered a question I had about installing one of the parts I bought (camber bolts). Cygnus Performance is my ONLY source for parts from now on. Period."
Augusta, GA
"I had a similar experience as other reviewers. Geoff went above and beyond every other rep I've ever dealt with, and I've bought a lot of parts from a lot of vendors. He spent the time required to patiently answer all of my questions instead of rushing me off the phone like other vendors I've dealt with. Clearly a guy who cares about his job and his customers. I also got an amazing price on the parts I ordered and they showed up well packaged and only a day or two after I ordered them! I haven't had a better expereince with any purchase I've ever made and short of giving me my parts for free I couldn't imagine how a vendor could be better than Cygnus. I can whole heartedly recommend this shop to any Subaru owner."
Chicago, IL
"Cygnus Performance is the true definition of amazing customer service. No matter what question I asked Geoff he was able to answer it in depth and accurately. Whether it was a question about shipping or a question about the parts themselves he was very quick and knowledgeable. He went out of his way to call FedEx customer service for me also. He promised me it would come the next day and sure enough under 16 hours the package arrived at my house. Cygnus Performance and Geoff have my trust and business for life now. I would recommend anyone who is buying parts to talk to Cygnus Performance because they are the true definition of Customer Satisfaction."
Mikael P
New York, NY
"I pmed Geoff at Cygnus about a quote for the Whiteline rsb brace and a bunch of bushings on Wednesday of last week. Geoff got back to me within hours and the quote he gave me was the best price I had found by a fair margin on such a (relatively) small order, including several pm quotes both here ( and on nasioc. I was a little surprised so I verified the exact part numbers with him, and they were precisely what I was after. This was in contrast to other vendors that seemed to have little to no experience with Whiteline or 3g parts. Anyway, I wasn't planning on ordering for a while but thought I'd get quotes early. He had all but one item in stock and offered to have the one part shipped directly from Whiteline.

When I contacted him on Friday, after I'd decided to go ahead with the order early, he had gotten the last piece in, and shipped them out to me the same day. I was shocked when the NEXT DAY I had a door tag from FedEx saying I had missed a shipment which turned out to be the parts of Cygnus. Since FedEx doesn't deliver on Sunday or Monday, I wound up getting the parts on Tuesday, but I still can't believe Geoff had them out and to my door in almost precisely 24 hours.

+1 for a company with stellar customer support and quick responses. Oh yea, and low prices! This is exactly what I want in a forum sponsor. Check them out!"
Bethesda, MD
"I read a lot of good reviews about Cygnus Performance before I placed my order. I wondered if they'd live up to all the hype. Well here I am 2 days after I placed my order writing a glowing review of my own. I found this place to be ahead of the curve in every way. I'll echo what others have said about knowledgeable help, excellent customer service, competitive prices and fast shipping. If you make your next parts purchase with them I promise you you'll be back. Especially if you're used to some of their competition. Looks like I'll never have to deal with sales guys who don't care about their job or slow shipping ever again. I plan on getting all of the parts I need for my STi from Cygnus Performance."
Minneapolis, MN