Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions

Please read and understand these terms prior to ordering.

We appreciate our customers and we want them to be happy with their purchases. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, but in order to protect ourselves and our business we must abide by the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions regarding our policies that are not answered by the following paragraphs please feel free to contact us.


All parts sold by Cygnus Performance are for off road/racing use only.

Products sold by Cygnus Performance are not intended for vehicles that will ever be driven on public roads. You are responsible for complying with your local laws.

All parts sold by Cygnus Performance are new unless clearly noted otherwise. We are an authorized dealer or distributor of every brand we sell. Cygnus Performance LLC does not directly provide a warranty on any parts aside from parts manufacturered by Cygnus Performance LLC. Not all Cygnus Performance branded products are manufactured by Cygnus Performance. For example, Cygnus Performance Swift and Hyperco springs are manufactured by Swift and Hyperco. They both offer a lifetime warranty, but this warranty is provided by the manufacturer rather than by Cygnus Performance. All non Cygnus branded parts are only covered by manufacturer’s warranties. Should you have a warranty concern or claim please contact us and we will refer you to the correct manufacturer. If you do run into any issues with products you purchase from us we will do everything we can to either directly help you or put you in touch with people who can. As with any other performance parts dealer most warranty claims will be referred directly to the manufacturer. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct parts were received and will fit their car before disassembling anything.

Part Installation
Cygnus Performance recommends having your performance parts installed by a professional mechanic unless you are familiar with working on cars and comfortable with doing the installation yourself. We will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries that result from improper part installations.

We sell many different parts made by many different manufacturers. A significant portion of the products we sell are custom and built to order with specifications selected by individual customers. Because of this it is difficult to have a blanket return policy that covers every situation. We treat each situation on a case by case basis, so if you need to make a return or exchange please contact us. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you need to make a return or exchange we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but because there are costs involved in returns and because not all items can be returned our “official legal policy” is:
Returns are not generally accepted unless you received an incorrect part due to Cygnus Performance’s error (see shipping discrepancies below for terms). Returns due to customer error, dissatisfaction, no longer wanting a product or any other reason aside from an error on our part will generally not be accepted. Returns are for store credit only. All returns will be entirely at the discretion of Cygnus Performance. No returns will be accepted or processed without an RMA # on the box. Returns made without an RMA number or made without prior authorization may be refused.

Credit/Debit Card & Financing Fees
We are only able to accept returns or allow cancellations under very specific circumstances which are covered elsewhere in these terms and conditions. In the event that we are able to cancel an order or accept a return the fees that we pay to charge and refund your card or the fees that we pay for you to finance the order are non-refundable. If a cancelation or return is honored a flat 10% will be deducted from your purchase price to cover these fees. Typically with credit cards the fee is around 4% each way (We pay a separate fee for charging and refunding your card) and usually with financing it’s around 9% although these fees can vary considerably. Deducting a flat 10% ensures that we can break even on the order without losing money on credit card fees or financing fees.

Shipping Discrepancies & Damages
If you receive an incorrect or damaged part notify Cygnus Performance immediately. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Cygnus Performance of any shipping discrepancies or damages within 10 days of receiving the item(s). This includes receiving the wrong part, wrong color, missing pieces, receiving a damaged part etc. If Cygnus Performance is not informed within 10 days of the customer receiving the incorrect or damaged item(s) we will not be able to able to process any claims, returns or exchanges. If you receive an incorrect or damaged part do not install it unless you are prepared to keep it. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the part number(s) they receive match the part number(s) they ordered prior to installing the part(s). Parts must be in brand new, resell-able condition in order to be eligible for an exchange or return. All original packaging including the box the part came in and any documentation must be kept in order to process any claims, returns or exchanges. In the event that a part is incorrect or damaged Cygnus Performance will replace it or refund the customer at the sole discretion of Cygnus Performance.

Shipping Delays & Lost Packages
Although uncommon, shipping delays beyond our control do happen. Usually the reason for this is inclement weather, but packages can also be lost or misrouted by the carrier. If there is a shipping delay and you paid for express shipping we will promptly refund the difference between the cost of express shipping and ground shipping. If ground shipping is delayed we are unable to offer any kind of compensation because ground shipping does not guarantee a specific delivery date. Every package we ship is fully insured. If your package is lost in transit or stolen we will promptly file a claim with the carrier and replace your parts as soon as the claim is resolved.

Special Order & Built to Order Custom Parts
Many of the parts that we sell are built to order. These include ALL Cygnus Performance, Fortune Auto, AST, Muller, Moton, JRZ and MCS coilovers. This includes pre-built inventory because pre-built inventory is shared among multiple applications which means that it requires some final assembly which only begins after you place your order. A built to order product has a lot of advantages. You can get custom options that perfectly fit your needs. We build these specifically for you. Options like spring rates, valving, top hats and colors are spec’d for your individual order. Because of this once your order is placed for a custom part we typically cannot cancel, refund or accept any returns on these brands. We are here to help before and after the sale. If you have questions about what you are ordering we will be glad to answer them, but please do your best to be sure that you are ordering exactly what you want before you place your custom coilover order. We will do our best to accommodate changes or cancellations, but typically this will not be possible once the build process has started. We are a top level distributor for most of these brands. Our lead time will be the fastest in the world, but that said we typically cannot guarantee a specific time frame with built to order products. If you have questions about this please ask them prior to ordering.

Spring Substitutions
We offer several different spring upgrade options with our custom coilovers. These include Swift springs in the colors of light blue, dark blue, bronze, black or silver, and Hyperco springs in the colors of dark blue, silver or black. Because there are so many possible combinations of spring rates, diameters, lengths, brands and colors we cannot guarantee that the exact spring option you select will be available upon the completion of your coilovers. We purchase springs from these manufacturers thousands at a time, and we do our absolute best to keep all options on the shelf. If the brand or color of spring that you selected during checkout is not available upon the completion of your coilovers we will contact you with available substitution options of equal value. We are unable to cancel custom coilover builds due to spring availability issues. Prior to ordering please understand that spring substitutions could be required to complete your custom build.

Fortune Auto Branded Springs
Not all rates and dimensions are available with Fortune Auto branded springs. Fortune Auto offers coilovers for many applications. Different applications use different spring dimensions. With many of these dimensions the rates will be limited to 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k, 10k, 11k, 12k, 14k and 16k with Fortune Auto springs. If you select rates that are outside of the options that Fortune manufacturers we will contact you and give you the option of either changing spring rate or upgrading to a Swift or Hyperco branded spring set.

Price Changes
We do our very best to ensure all prices on our website are current, but this is a difficult task. The 60+ manufacturers we regularly work with change their prices very often. It is almost an impossible task to keep all prices current all the time. In the rare event that a price cannot be honored we will contact you before you are billed to see what you want to do. When this happens you will always be given the option to cancel the order before you are billed.

Disputes & Chargebacks
Our business was started in 2006 and since that time we have served tens of thousands of customers. There have only been a couple of disputes, but in order to protect our business and provide full transparency we would like to disclose how we handle them. Immediately upon a dispute or chargeback being filed our merchant service company will debit your payment from our account. We are then given the opportunity to respond. This is a process that usually takes quite a long time to resolve, but the exact time frame is dependent on your financial institution and credit/debit card company as well as our merchant service company. During this process a hold will be placed on your order if it has not shipped yet because we cannot ship product that has not been paid for. When the chargeback or dispute is finalized in our favor and funds are returned to our account we will ship your order. Once this process has begun we have no control over how long it takes for these funds to be returned to our account. In our view it is best for all parties involved to avoid this process in the first place, so if you have any concerns or questions about your order please reach out to us. We appreciate your business, and we are standing by ready to help!

International Orders
Our website is not equipped to automatically process any international orders. All international orders must be completed via phone, fax or email. Cygnus Performance does not ship to all countries, and reserves the right to evaluate and accept or decline each international order at its discretion. If you wish to place an international order please contact us for availability and a shipping quote.

Shipping to an Alternate Address
For all orders shipping to an address that is not the credit card’s billing address we require the card holder to fill out an Alternate Shipping Address form and either email or fax it to us. This form may be downloaded by Clicking Here. The Fax/Email must be completely legible and must include a copy of your driver’s license and credit card. This extra step is required to prevent fraud. We understand that you may buy other products on the web and have them shipped to a different address without having to complete this extra step, but this process is extremely common with automotive performance parts. Their cost and ease of resale makes them targets for fraud. Some automotive performance vendors won’t ship to an address different from the billing address period. Believe us, if this step wasn’t absolutely necessary to combat fraud we would rather skip it too!

For an additional discount and also to avoid any extra steps involved in shipping to an alternate address we are able to accept payment via Chase QuickPay, direct cash deposit or wire transfer. If you would like more information on paying via one of these methods please email us at support@cygnusperformance.com or call 321-600-0889

Returned Shipment Due to Customer Request or Error
If an order is returned to sender due to the customer providing the incorrect address information or due to the customer failing to accept the package it is the customer’s responsibility to cover any additional freight required to reship the order a second time. Typically UPS/FedEx etc will attempt to deliver the package 3 times and then hold it at a hub for pickup before returning it to us, so a package being returned to us or the shipper is not common. If the address error is on our part we will gladly pay to reship the item, but since all label creation is automated and uses the info you enter on our website errors on our end are extremely rare.

International Shipping Duties and Taxes
Cygnus Performance gladly ships to many international destinations. We offer heavily discounted prorated shipping to most countries, and we even offer free shipping to Canada and Puerto Rico. We do not have any control over any taxes or duties that may be charged when we ship coilovers internationally, and we are not responsible for any taxes or duties that are incurred from these shipments. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to pay any international duties or taxes. If you have questions about this policy please ask them prior to ordering.

Future Orders
By placing an order on our website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions not just for this order but for any subsequent orders placed with us that may be placed in the future. You are also giving Cygnus Performance, LLC permission to store your information for the sole purpose of fulfilling future orders. Keeping information on file such as your shipping details expedites the process of receiving and fulfilling future orders. Any subsequent orders may be placed through our website again or over the phone, via text, via email, via Facebook Messenger, Instagram or other social media.

Product Images
Please note that while we do our very best to keep all of our product images current, we can not guarantee the part you are being shipped will exactly match the picture(s) of the part on our website. Manufacturers will sometimes update and redesign products. If there is any concern about the pictures on our website matching the parts you are ordering please contact us prior to ordering. Receiving a newer version of a part than the part pictured on our website does not qualify for a return.

Product Specifications
Both through extensive R&D and through the feedback of thousands of customers we constantly refine our suspension to get you the best possible results. While we are proud of our original coilovers we have been able to greatly improve the product over the years through this process. The X-1 product line is now widely regarded as one of the best affordable coilover options on the market. Because of this constant evolution Cygnus Performance, LLC must reserve the right to make modifications to our product without notice including but not limited to changes to valving profiles, top hat designs, shock insert lengths, colors and finishes, graphics, spring lengths and spring diameters. Noting this is an important part of our terms and conditions simply because we cannot guarantee that the product you receive will be identical to a previous set of coilovers if you have purchased our coilovers in the past. If you have any questions about this please ask prior to ordering.

Damper Operation Noise
At Cygnus Performance we have specialized in high-end, custom monotube damper sales and production since 2006. We sell and work with many of the best suspension manufacturers in the world. High performance monotube dampers are not always completely silent in their operation. High quality coilovers are capable of providing significantly more low speed damping force than OEM suspension. This is a big part of why handling is typically greatly improved after installing high quality coilovers. Under certain driving and weather conditions you may hear the dampers doing their job. This is normal and no reason for concern.

Lead Time/ETA’s
Custom built to order coilovers are put together by expert shock technicians after you place your order. This includes pre-built inventory because pre-built inventory is shared among multiple applications which means that it requires some final assembly which only begins after you place your order. This is how virtually every top shelf coilover brand in the world sells coilovers. Coilovers are not a one size fits all product, so choosing something custom has many advantages. Custom built coilover manufacturers include Cygnus Performance, Fortune Auto, AST, Muller, Moton, JRZ and MCS. We offer some of the fastest custom coilover lead times in the world. There are many variables at play when it comes to lead time, so perfectly predicting lead time every time is unfortunately not possible. We give you the absolute best information we have when it comes to predicting lead time. However, we cannot guarantee custom coilover lead time. We guarantee that you will receive your coilovers, but sometimes there are delays that are outside of our control. Once a custom coilover build starts we typically cannot cancel it even if there are delays. If lead time is absolutely vital we recommend choosing one of our off-the-shelf brands such as Ohlins. We also have certain Fortune Auto coilovers on the shelf ready to ship same day (only for select applications). If a quick lead time is mission critical please contact us prior to placing your order, and we will be happy to go over ready to ship options with you if they are available for your application.

Shipping Methods and Signature Requirements
We ship orders using UPS, FedEx and USPS depending on the size and weight of the part(s) being shipped and their destination. By default most (but not all) shipments will require a signature. We can usually wave this requirement if we are requested to do so. If there are any concerns about the shipping method or about a signature being required please either contact us prior to ordering or type your concerns in the customer notes section during checkout. It is the customer’s responsibility to request that a signature requirement be waved prior to the order being shipped. Once an order ships Cygnus Performance has no way of modifying the signature requirements with UPS, FedEx or USPS.