Fortune Auto Coilovers

Factory Authorized Dealer & Master Distributor

The 500 series is both the most popular and the most cost effective choice. With many different upgrade options to choose from they are a great option for everything from the daily commute to the occasional track day or weekend autocross. If you want coilovers that are relatively affordable but actually good you won’t do better than these.

Fortune Auto’s flagship single adjustable takes things to another level. The industry leading rebound adjustment range gives you an unheard of 8k rate swing without needing a revalve. The extremely digressive valving profile provides exceptional low speed control and body roll reduction while aggressively tapering high-speed keeps things comfortable on the street and composed if you cross a curb at the track.

An external reservoir provides independently adjustable compression. For competition use this is a game changer. The advantages go beyond damping adjustment though. Moving the divider piston out of the shock insert also greatly increases stroke, oil capacity and heat dissipation. We always tell people they are better off with a good single adjustable than a bad double adjustable. This is double adjustment done right.

This is the pinnacle of aftermarket suspension. All of the advantages of the 2 Way Dreadnought with the added functionality of a significantly more advanced external reservoir. Independent high-speed and low-speed compression can massively improve handling and reduce your times. Cygnus Performance is one of the few shops in the country that can actually walk you through tuning suspension this advanced.

The Air Piston Lift System allows you to temporarily raise your car in order to clear obstacles such as driveways and speed bumps. This is very similar functionality to what can be found on many exotic cars. With this system you are able to run a low static ride height while keeping your car practical for daily driving.

All of the advantages of the 510 Series, one of the best single adjustable monotube coilover systems on the market, with the added functionality of The Air Piston Lift System.

If you want to leave nothing on the table these are your coilovers. They give you dynamic ride height adjustment coupled with high quality double adjustable external reservoirs. You can clear a steep driveway then go win a time attack. No trailer required.