Fortune Auto Gen 8 500 Series 2015 – 2018 BMW M3 (F80) Coilover Set Part# FA500-F80M15



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Includes Front Endlinks
Separate Style Rear
5 Bolt Strut

Cygnus Performance is the largest volume dealer and master distributor for Fortune Auto for a reason. We have a large inventory at Fortune Auto which significantly speeds up the lead time and still allows for full customization. We will beat any price, we pay any applicable sales tax if we have tax nexus in your state and shipping is free anywhere in the United States or Canada. Most importantly of all we have been specializing in custom coilovers since 2006, and we will be here for you both before and after the sale.

We offer many proprietary options that you will find nowhere else including custom colors, rubber top hat options, custom shock length long travel options, proprietary valving profiles, exclusive applications such as SJ Forester and much more!

To learn more about this product please feel free to either contact us or scroll down to the main description where we will go over the coilovers as well as every optional upgrade in great detail.

Please Note: These are custom coilovers that are built to order. Some specifications and sets can ship same or next business day. Many custom set parts are in stock ready to be assembled which gives us considerably quicker custom lead time than a typical dealer. However, it would be impossible keep every application and color on the shelf at all times. If lead time is absolutely critical please contact us prior to ordering for a current and accurate ETA.


Default Fortune Auto +
Swift Black (Only available in 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k & 10k) +
Swift Dark Metallic Blue (Only available in 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k & 10k) +
Swift Silver (Only available in 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k & 10k) +
Swift Light Metallic Blue +
Hyperco Navy Blue +
Default +
Black +
Gunmetal +
Blue +
Red +
Orange +
Black +
Green +
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Fortune Auto 500 Series coilovers are by far the highest quality reasonably priced coilover set on the market. Most coilovers in this price range are 100% manufactured overseas. The companies selling them simply slap a shipping label on a box. What’s even worse is some of them will give you custom spring rates without actually valving the shocks to match! Fortune Auto is different. All shock assembly is done in Fortune Auto’s Virginia production facility where they have four Roehrig shock dynos. They feature high quality components, and the valving of your shocks will actually match your desired spring rates. All of the functional components come out of first world countries from suppliers that you would typically only find on brands costing much more. Fortune Auto even manufactures some components on their own Haas Automation CNC machine.

Coilovers are not a one size fits all part. To get the results you are looking for it is mission critical to choose specifications and options that are appropriate for your personal goals and priorities. Only a truly custom product like Fortune Auto allows you to do this. Sometimes choosing the right options can seem overwhelming, but Cygnus Performance, LLC has been helping customers with custom coilovers on a daily basis since 2006. We will be happy to spend all the time needed to help you with your coilover purchase. We will get you results that exceed your expectations the first time.

Like all Fortune Auto coilovers the 500’s feature one of the best warranties in the business as well as quick, inexpensive rebuilds in the USA. Not everyone thinks about these things when they are researching coilovers, but buying coilovers made by a manufacturer that does not offer good US based support can come back to haunt you. Fortune Auto’s support is second to none, so you can rest assured knowing that this is a product that you will only have to buy once. Cygnus Performance, LLC was one of Fortune Auto’s original dealers and now we are their master distributor. When you purchase through us you also get a lifetime of industry leading suspension tech support that will be here both before and after the sale and the quickest custom FA lead time available from any dealer!

Optional Upgrades:

Rebound Extenders

On some applications it is not possible to reach the rear damping adjustment without removing the back seat. Rebound extenders extend this rebound adjustment and allow you to more easily access it. On most typical sedan applications the extenders allow you to access the adjustment via the trunk.

Swift and Hyperco Spring Upgrades

Upgrading to one of these two brands has many advantages. Swift and Hyperco make the highest quality linear coilover springs in the world. They offer more accuracy than generic springs which essentially means they match their advertised rate and do not deviate much from this rate throughout the entire range of compression. More accuracy provides significantly better handling. The car will feel very consistent whether you are turning left or turning right. Transitioning from corner entry, to mid-cornering to exiting a corner is all very predictable and consistent. They also have less rate distortion which means the spring rate does not increase very significantly as the spring is compressed. This gives you considerably smoother ride quality. Extremely high quality spring steel coupled with extensive cycling and testing at the factory means that both of these brands are much less likely to settle or sag than lesser springs. Years down the road these brands typically provide exactly the same smooth ride quality and exceptional handling that they did out of the box.

A spring seems like a simple component because it’s just a single piece of steel, but the reality is this is the second most important component on your entire suspension after your damper. Building a high quality, accurate spring requires decades of expertise which most manufacturers do not have. Cygnus Performance, LLC is proud to be a top level master distributor for both Swift and Hyperco. If there is one upgrade to get this is the one. If you have questions about which spring brand or spring rate is best for your goals we are happy to help!

Hyperco Hydraulic Spring Perches

A coil spring will inherently put uneven pressure on the lower perch. Having a fully independent free articulating hydraulic perch solves this issue completely. In the real world this equals dead smooth operation for better handling, better ride quality and longer shock life. These are sold in pairs, so you can upgrade the front or the rear or both. If you have questions about this upgrade or about whether it is better to upgrade the front or the rear please feel free to contact us.

Self Locking Lower Mount Collars

Cygnus Performance includes this upgrade both front and rear with every set. You no longer need to tighten your lower mount locking collars with a hammer and screwdriver. An allen head cinch bolt quickly and easily locks ride height into place.

Remote Damper Controller
Also known as RDC this option gives you the ability to adjust all four dampers from the driver’s seat with the touch of a button. It features three separate user defined presets. This option can also be retrofitted in the future, so it’s a great option to be aware of whether you choose to add it to your initial coilover purchase or not. Being able to press a button and have all four shocks set to your preferred comfort, race or daily setup definitely beats getting out of the car and counting clicks. Very few of our competitors offer something similar.

Spring Rates
There is no additional cost to customize spring rates, and unlike most other coilover brands Fortune Auto valves their shocks to match your desired spring rates. For most applications the Fortune Auto default rates are the most popular choice. Typically they do everything well. The default rates are soft enough that daily driving remains comfortable and stiff enough that the handling will be considerably better than stock with significantly less body roll. The default rates are also stiff enough to allow for a fairly aggressive drop in ride height. The default setup is a good compromise between all of these attributes, and it’s the most balanced setup. Coilovers are not a one size fits all product though, and that is why the custom rates are a no cost option.

Addressing all possible scenarios is beyond the scope of this article. If you have specific questions that are not addressed here please feel free to send us a message. The president of our company, Geoff Parnum, who has nearly 20 years worth of custom coilover experience will personally help you determine the best possible rates for your goals and priorities. In short, if smooth ride quality for daily driving is a top priority you may want to consider softer spring rates than the default. How much softer to go is application dependent, but normally a 1k reduction in rate is sufficient. The downside of softening the rate is more body roll, but handling will still be considerably better than stock. If the best possible handling and minimal body roll are your top priorities you may want to consider going with a stiffer rate than the default. There are many factors involved in determining how much to increase rate for the best possible handling. The stiffer you go, the harsher the car will be on a bad road for daily driving. The final thing to consider is front to rear bias which affects the overall neutrality of the car and whether it is going to understeer or oversteer.

Choosing appropriate spring rates is absolutely mission critical to getting the results you are looking for with coilovers of any kind. Cygnus Performance takes the guesswork out of spring rates, and we even guarantee that you will be happy with our rate recommendation or we will sell you replacement springs at half cost anytime in the future. With just a few quick questions we will get you results that exceed your expectations. Don’t let a generic performance parts shop give you bad advice. Let Cygnus Performance, an industry leading suspension specialty shop, get you the results you’re looking for the first time.

Here are the metric/imperial conversions for some common spring rates:

5 kg/mm = 279.987073 lbs/in
6 kg/mm = 335.984488 lbs/in
7 kg/mm = 391.981902 lbs/in
8 kg/mm = 447.979317 lbs/in
9 kg/mm = 503.976731 lbs/in
10 kg/mm = 559.974146 lbs/in
11 kg/mm = 615.971561 lbs/in
12 kg/mm = 671.968975 lbs/in
13 kg/mm = 727.966390 lbs/in

Custom Colors

Cygnus Performance purchases Fortune Auto coilovers 150 sets at a time in order to be able to offer you both quick lead times and custom colors. For aluminum parts we use exactly the same bright dip anodizer as Fortune themselves uses, and for steel parts we use the same high quality powder coat. Because Cygnus Performance uses the same quality finishes as standard color Fortune Auto coilovers Fortune Auto will fully warranty our custom color coilovers. There is no downside. You get the same great quality and support, and we don’t even charge extra for these custom colors. Our custom color options are just cosmetic, but they allow you to get coilovers that perfectly match your personal taste and build. The colors and finishes really are beautiful. Pictures don’t do our bright dip anodizing justice.

Radial Bearing Upgrade

Cygnus Performance includes a Koyo Japan radial bearing upgrade on all applicable applications for free (front McPherson strut applications). This radial bearing upper spring perch allows the shock insert and spring to rotate freely against the upper spring perch which both improves steering feel and eliminates spring bind popping noises.

Self-locking Lower Spring Perch

Cygnus Performance includes this upgrade both front and rear with every set. You no longer have to struggle with spanner wrenches and multiple collars. A simple allen head cinch bolt will quickly and easily lock preload in place.

Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilovers

Want even more upgrade options? Consider our upgraded private label version of these coilovers. These will expand the custom options to include European style digressive valving, rubber top hats, long travel options, stock ride height options, heavy duty motorsport camber plates, proprietary custom rate Hyperco springs and even Penske external reservoirs. We are constantly testing, researching and developing to create the best possible affordable suspension solutions on the market. Click here for additional information


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