Geoff’s Choice Cygnus Performance X-1 Motorsport Edition Long Travel Coilover Set 2008-2014 STi



***Full set of four coilover assemblies for entire car are included in this kit. Coilovers are fully assembled and preload is preset from the factory making this the easiest to install coilover set on the market.***

After more than 16 years of selling custom Subaru coilovers we have a lot of data on what works well for our customers. Geoff’s Choice Motorsport Edition coilovers feature the same exceptional build quality and valving designs as our custom built to order coilovers with preselected options that our founder recommends both for the best possible handling on the street, and for a very capable track or autocross setup. With these more aggressive motorsport builds sometimes a fully custom set is required. If you have questions as to whether this preconfigured set is a good fit for your goals please contact us, and we will be happy to help! This set is composed of the most common options and rates that we sell with our Motorsport Edition for your application. While this setup is on the firmer side, it is appropriate for daily driving as long as you are looking for an aggressive set of coilovers that prioritizes handling. This coilover set provides exceptional handling with reduced understeer, almost no body roll and maximum driver feedback. You get all of the advantages of our custom X-1 product line with a simplified ordering process and no lead time!

Quick Specs:

  • X-1 Motorsport Edition European style digressive valving optimized for the best possible handling on the street as well as track and autocross use
  • Upgraded Cygnus Performance Spec Swift Springs with 10k front and rear rates
  • Upgraded Cygnus Performance High Caster Camber Plates for greatly improved straight line stability, steering feel, front end grip and tire wear characteristics. Standard no offset camber plates included free of charge loose in box.
  • Upgraded long travel shocks for increased stroke, droop travel, oil capacity and heat dissipation surface area
  • Ride height range: 0.3″ higher than stock to 1.8″ lower than stock
  • Black top hats and lower mounts, bright dip red anodized spring perches and lower mount locking collars and silver springs
  • Group 5 Ester Based High Viscosity Index Synthetic Oil for exceptionally long life and consistent operation
  • The Motorsport Shock Upgrade which consists of heavy duty triple bolt spherical housings with 50% more clamping force to almost eliminate any chance of camber slipping as well as clamping style ride height adjustment locking.

Scroll down for a thorough description.

Included upgrades and optional extras:

  • Add-on Price: $0.00
  • Product Price: $2,650.00
  • Total: $0.00


As with all X-1 coilovers Geoff’s Choice coilover sets feature some of the most advanced, most thoroughly R&D’d valving profiles in the world. Our European style digressive valving provides damping force in all the right places. Stiff low speed gives you incredible handling and driver feedback with minimal body roll. High speed tapers off as shaft velocity increases which keeps the car composed on the track if you hit a curb or less than perfect surface. Particularly in this price range most coilover sets make a lot of compromises with damping force at high and low shaft velocities. With the X-1 you truly get the best of both worlds which provides a track capable setup that will go toe to toe with European options that cost significantly more money and don’t have support that is half as good in the United States. Aside from having one of the best digressive valving profiles at any price point these coilovers feature a wide rebound adjustment range. This allows you to dramatically change the characteristics of the coilovers simply by clicking the damping adjustment knobs (contrary to popular belief the number of clicks is not important. It’s what these clicks do that is important, and the range you find on the X-1 is larger than anything else in this price range). This range also makes the coilovers extremely modular because it allows you to modify spring rates in the future if your goals with handling or ride quality ever change.

The components we use are the best that money can buy. Pistons are both developed and CND’d in the United States. Shims are imported from Sweden and are made from some of the best quality steel in the world. Oil is either sourced from the United States or France depending on the application and valving profile. We use a high viscosity index group 5 synthetic ester based oil for long shock life and the ultimate consistency. Whether you are pulling out of your driveway on a cold January morning in Alaska or turning fast laps in mid July in Arizona our coilovers are exceptionally consistent. Bearings, shafts and seals are sourced from Japan. Every component has been selected specifically for long life and consistency.

This Geoff’s Choice coilover set comes standard with Swift springs. We developed these springs by working closely with Swift. We are very proud of them. They are the highest quality, smoothest riding spring in the world. They are considerably better quality than the springs other coilovers in the X-1’s price range are typically equipped with. These Cygnus Spec Swift Springs are made in Japan. They are extremely accurate and have almost no rate distortion. A spring that does not distort much (increasing rate upon compression) rides noticeably smoother. A very accurate spring provides noticeably more consistent handling. The car feels the same at the beginning of the corner as it does at the middle and end of the corner. It feels the same turning left and turning right. A spring may seem like a simple part, but high quality accurate springs are mission critical when it comes to getting the most out of your suspension. Every Cygnus Performance Swift spring is fully cycled and blocked at the factory to avoid any potential sag or settling. These springs are the lightest weight springs we have ever offered saving almost 1 lb per spring when compared to our previous version.

10k front and rear spring rates. After selling tens of thousands of coilover sets for these platforms we have found these rates to be a great option for customers who want to prioritize the best possible handling and minimal body roll.

The ride height range on this long travel set of coilovers is 0.3 inches higher than stock at the highest setting to 1.8 inches lower than stock at the lowest setting. These longer than typical coilover shocks offer many functional advantages including increased stroke, increased droop travel, increased oil capacity and increased heat dissipation surface area. These are all good things when it comes to consistency, handling, ride quality and shock longevity.

All Geoff’s Choice coilover sets come standard with Cygnus Performance High Caster Camber Plates. These are the best camber plates on the market for your Subaru. They feature a best in the industry 1.2° of positive caster which has many benefits including better dynamic camber characteristics, more front end grip, less understeer, better tire wear characteristics, better on center steering feel, better overall steering feel, better straight line stability and better high-speed stability. Improving straight line stability is particularly beneficial when you lower ride height since this throws off factory steering geometry.

Cygnus Performance High Caster Camber Plates are also an extremely well made plate. They are very thick with fully recessed hardware and dual camber adjustment channels for more rigidity and strength than anything else on the market. Zero flex even with hard hits means a better connection to the pillow ball housing. No issues with hairline cracks or catastrophic failures like you may have seen with other brands. Zero flex also means incredible driver feedback and handling. They are 100% made in the United States using US sourced raw materials.

This set includes the Motorsport Shock Upgrade which consists of heavy duty triple bolt spherical housings with 50% more clamping force as well as clamping style ride height adjustment locking. This is an excellent upgrade with no downside. It will ensure years of easy adjustment, and it nearly eliminate any chance of these adjustments moving or slipping.

Our business model is very different from most of the competition. We don’t spend a single dime on advertising. We put everything we have into making the product as good as it can possibly be, and we sell coilovers directly to the consumer without any unnecessary middle men or distribution channels. We rely on happy customers spreading the word for most of our sales. That only works because we offer truly quality suspension that gets customers the best possible results for their money. We are here for a lifetime of support both before and after the sale, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your coilovers exceed your expectations. If you have any questions about this product or any of our products please click here to contact us and we will be glad to help.


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